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What Is A Sash Window Exactly?

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You’ve probably heard the name ‘sash window’ plenty of times before, especially if you’ve ended up here on the Sash and Case Windows Direct blog! The problem is that many people don’t actually know what makes a window a sash window, or at least, they don’t know they do!

What is it?
Simply put, a sash window is one which has one or more movable panels which are formed of frames holding glass panels in place. These panels can be moved to open the window itself. They are popular features of many buildings, giving a traditional and stylish look to the architecture. This style remains to be one of the most popular type of window, found in new builds as well as in older buildings.

The History
It is thought that sash windows cannot be credited to a specific person, but their inclusion in architecture was developed over time. However, it is believed that this style of window was brought over from Holland in the 1600s.

Why Choose Sash Windows?
One of the most attractive features of sash windows is the aesthetic benefits offered. As these windows are such a popular feature of Georgian and Victorian architecture, you can achieve a classic aesthetic through the use of these windows. Sash windows also offer practical benefits due to their longevity and ease of use. Their design means that they easily support their own weight – a feature which leads to long-lasting windows.
Despite ever-changing trends, sash windows have proved to be a popular choice throughout the ages, providing a practical and stylish option for any building.

Here at Sash and Case Windows Direct, we specialise in a range of services, from the replacement of sash and case windows to offering sash window painting in Edinburgh. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Sash and Case Windows Direct.

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