Architectural Service Listed Buildings


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    Architectural Service Listed Buildings

    In addition to their practical function of providing light and ventilation, windows are a key feature in the aesthetics of a building, and one of the first things people notice from the outside.

    For properties in a conservation area, or listed buildings, it is extremely important that any changes to the windows are carried out with care to preserve the traditional appearance and authentic features of the building and the heritage of towns and villages.

    In many cases formal planning permission or a building warrant may be required for replacement windows or to make significant changes, and you must ensure that you have qualified people to carry out the work.

    If your property is a listed as category A or B, any alterations must be done in accordance with the ‘Managing Change in the Historic Environment: Windows’ (October 2010) which is produced and regulated by Historic Scotland.

    The Solution

    At Sash & Case Windows Direct, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and years of experience to advise you on complying with all local authorities regulations in regard to listed buildings. We offer a specialist architectural service for listed buildings to ensure that all work is carefully planned and designed to meet regulations.

    We believe that there is a responsibility to maintain traditional architecture in Scotland. Sash and case windows are an important feature in our country’s architecture and it is important that when repairs and renovations are undertaken, any work carried out stays true to the original design, materials and craftsmanship.

    Most properties built before 1914 have traditional single glazed, painted timber sash and case windows. Where possible we recommend carrying out repairs or replacements on a ‘like for like’ basis in order to preserve the character and historic make-up of the window.

    Even when upgrades are being made, such as installing double glazing, we are able to do this with skill and precision to ensure that new elements carefully match the originals and are often undetectable from the outside. We carefully assess the original windows to ensure that replacement materials, colours, patterns etc. are matched so that the original design and appearance is not compromised.

    Maintaining Property Character

    In addition to the historic value, ensuring that your property’s traditional architecture is maintained will often enhance the value of your property. There is a huge demand for properties with original and carefully maintained traditional features, and their value is on the increase. Choosing traditional repairs or replacements will therefore prove to be a worthwhile investment.