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    Sash Window Renovation & Draught Proofing in Edinburgh

    Original sash and case windows are beautiful features of traditional Scottish architecture, and we actively work to repair and restore them where possible. The advantage of these windows is that many parts can be dismantled and replaced with new timber and ironmongery to restore the windows. There are many cases however where damage and decay mean that windows are at the point where it is not worth trying to restore them, and the best option structurally and economically is to replace the whole unit with a new one.

    Many Scottish homes are fitted with original sash and case windows, dating back hundreds of years. As a company, we are committed to preserving these historic features and keeping the character of your property intact. Being committed to preserving the aesthetics of these windows does not mean you need to compromise on or forego modern comforts and conveniences.

    Old sash and case windows that have not been properly maintained are susceptible to decay and malfunction, especially if the paint has worn away or flaked, exposing the timbers to the weather. When fallen to disrepair, and work is needed, many homeowners consider replacing them with PVCu windows. However, these plastic windows cannot be dismantled and repaired as easily as traditional timber sash and case windows. This means that once they suffer any damage or malfunction, they often need to be completely replaced, which is very costly.

    Another disadvantage of plastic windows is that they are not constructed in a way to replicate traditional moldings and details which are characteristic of the timber sash and case windows, therefore losing the beauty of the traditional windows, making them unsuitable for use in a historic setting.

    The Solution

    The solution to this is to have your sash and case windows carefully restored by our expert team at Sash & Case Windows Direct. We offer detailed consultations where we will assess what can be saved and restored, and what needs to be replaced. We are skilled in restoring windows to their former beauty – replicating original features down to the smallest details. It does not have to be a choice between traditional sash and case windows and modern efficiency of plastic windows. You can choose to go beyond simply restoring your windows to their original state. By upgrading using the latest techniques and materials with improved mechanisms, we can ensure that your sash and case windows are beautiful, easy to use and maintain and energy efficient.

    Upgrading Your Sash Windows

    There are many upgrades that can be applied to your windows. Draught proofing or weather proofing is the process where air leakage through your windows is reduced. The gaps around sash and case windows can be as much as the equivalent of 10 square inches. Draught proofing helps to improve your heating efficiency and personal comfort. If you are considering replacing sash windows with plastic ones, draught-proofing could prove to be an efficient and cost-effective alternative. The cost of draught proofing your windows is generally recouped in five to 25 years. Whilst the cost of replacing with plastic windows will take between 60 & 100 years to make up for.