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About us

Who Are Sash & Case Windows Direct?

Sash & Case Windows Direct are experts in the Repair, Restoration and Replacement of Sash & Case Windows in Edinburgh and beyond. We offer traditional craftsmanship with modern thinking and, through our sister company B&M Joiners, have been providing a “safe pair of hands” for all your Sash & Case Windows and joinery needs since 1970.

As Sash & Case Windows technology has developed, alongside an increasing demand for efficiency, environmental credentials, craftsmanship and excellence the opportunity arose to bring new ideas and thinking to the marketplace. Sash & Case Windows Direct was launched as a standalone business in 2016

With a passionate focus on quality and service we have the skills, expertise, knowledge and experience to deliver projects that are built to last and made to be enjoyed. Based in Canonmills, Edinburgh we are here to help with your next Sash & Case Windows or joinery project. Why not get in touch for a chat?

Traditional Craftsmanship. Modern Thinking.

Sash & Case Windows Edinburgh
Sash & Case Windows Edinburgh
Sash & Case Windows New Town

Our story

B&M Joiners started life in Canonmills in 1970 with  Duncan Middlemass at the helm. The firm quickly built a base of loyal customers across Edinburgh. Taking on and training apprentices was an important part of the business, teaching and passing down skills to the next generation. In 1997 one of those keen apprentices was Danny McGuinness, who went on to take the reins in 2007 when Duncan retired. We’ve continued to grow and Sash & Case Windows Direct was formed in 2016.

Ask Danny and he’ll tell you how proud he is of the team today.
B&M Joiners and Sash & Case Windows Direct are still serving Edinburgh and the Lothians with enthusiasm and quality workmanship 50 years after first opening the doors. And the success continues as we continue to focus on solutions that are built to last and made to be enjoyed. A focus on quality, craftsmanship, service, loyalty and modern thinking. Why not get in touch to talk about your next project.

Built To Last. Made To Be Enjoyed.

sash & case windows edinburgh

Environmental Concerns & Ethics

We pride ourselves on Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Thinking. Part of that modern thinking is to think beyond just the project, the client, the company, the community. Beyond even our beautiful City of Edinburgh. And to think about our impact on the planet.

A key part of our approach to business is to maximise any positive contribution we can make to the environment. To minimise any harmful impact. To build a sustainable business that we can be proud of now and in the future. Pride evidenced by our successful Platinum Accreditation by Zero Waste Scotland. Pride to fully offset a lifetime’s carbon emissions through initiatives such as One Life One Tree. Pride in acting as ambassadors for best environmental business practices.

Leading the way and encouraging others to follow. A company with real environmental concerns and ethics to be proud of.

Traditional Craftsmanship. Modern Thinking

Our approach

Everyone on our team is trained to be polite and respectful at all times, and to do their utmost to carry out work in a neat and tidy way, always ensuring your home is protected from dust and damage as best we can. Adding value, security, comfort and happiness. We value smiles, happiness and wellbeing. We’re proud of the work we do.

We want you to use us again and again, and we realise that being a polite, friendly and pleasant presence in your home is almost as important as the quality of our craftsmanship. It’s all part of why we’ve been so successful for over 50 years. And why loyal customers return to us time and time again for their next project. Why not put us to the test for your next project?

Built To Last. Made To Be Enjoyed.

Sash & Case Windows Edinburgh

Why Choose Sash & Case Windows Direct?

We recognise that you are the customer and it’s your choice who you work with and why. We try to make it clear in any and every engagement that you have with Sash & Case Windows Direct that we’re all about quality, value and service. Offering solutions that are build to last and made to be enjoyed. Traditional Craftsmanship with modern thinking.

You may think that windows are windows. We think that they are so much more. Your eyes to the beauty of the City of Edinburgh offering light, life and happiness. Quality materials. Quality Craftsmanship. Representing quality investment. Saving you energy. Saving You money. Reducing sound pollution. Adding value to your home. Offering solutions that last the lifetime of your home.

Working with Sash & Case Windows Direct means that we’re here for as long as you have windows. Repairs. Restoration. Replacement. Whatever’s needed for your happiness and peace of mind.

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