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Repair care

Restoring Wood Back To New

Our craftsmen are fully trained and approved contractors for Repair Care Total Solutions in sustainable wood repair & maintenance. A fantastic way to repair rotten and damaged sills and window frames without the need for replacement. Guaranteed solutions give you the windows you and your property deserve.

In today’s climate, the call to repair, recycle and reuse is often ringing in our ears. We all want to do our best for the environment, our customers, future generations, and preserve structures of times gone by. This is where the craftsmanship, experience and expertise of Sash & Case Windows Direct use the best of available solutions to maximise the value, integrity and aesthetics of your windows. Solutions that are built to last and made to be enjoyed.

Why Do We Use Repair Care?

It’s about finding the best solution for the job. We want your windows to last the lifetime of your property and Repair Care’s Resin Systems is the best solution we’re aware of in the market.

We’ve been building solutions to last, making things to be enjoyed since 1970 and Repair Care is, simply put, the best resin repair system for timber Sash & Case Windows that we have ever worked with.

Our craftsmen are fully trained and accredited Repair Care contractors, with the skills and expertise to provide quality, lasting solutions for your windows.

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Repair Care Edinburgh

Repair Care Resin Systems

Repair Care’s Resin systems, are designed to adapt to the natural seasons through the year and flex with the timber. The resin is an elastic epoxy with powerful adhesive properties, staying in place as the timber expands and contracts.

This flexible product is easy to mould and does not need to be applied in tedious layers, saving you time and stress trying to get the perfect finish. Not only does it optimise your time, using Repair Care’s Resin systems almost halves the labour cost on a larger job, saving you money on every job. Repair Care is the way to repair affordably, using a sustainable choice, for a responsible fix. 

  • 10 year guarantee*
  • High Durability
  • Sustainable
  • Saves Time / Save Money

*Guarantee refers to Repair Care Resin Repairs. All windows still require appropriate ongoing maintenance.

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