General Repairs

Sash & Case Windows Direct

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    Our General Repairs include but are not limited to the following:

    Broken Ropes
    Ropes/cords inside the frame can become worn over a period of time. It is common to find issues with ropes/cords and sash spiral balancers, these are the moving parts of the window that will always need servicing at some point in time.

    Key tasks:
    Sash cords are replaced
    Service pulleys
    Correctly balance sashes

    Broken Components
    Locks are a key element of any window. We use the highest quality locks to ensure the safety of your home. Our specialists will make sure all locks are correctly installed. We will also check lifts, pulls and fasteners. Any issues with any of these parts and we will source the best replacements available. Each element has a unique size and weight and our specialists will examine the window to ensure the correct parts are sourced and installed.

    Key tasks:
    Highest quality locks
    Examine and check lifts, pulls and fasteners

    Rotten Timber
    We are specialists in Sash, box frame and sill repair. It is inevitable that sections of the window frame or sills will rot over time. This will not just cause aesthetic issues but also cause issues from an insulation perspective, making your home energy inefficient and thus impacting your household bills. Our specialist window repair service will improve the aesthetics of your home and increase your energy efficiency.

    Key tasks:
    Remove windows from frames
    Decayed timber is removed to expose the sound timber
    Timber is replaced when beyond repair

    Our team of specialists focus primarily on window repair and then increasing the performance of the windows.