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What Eco Friendly Homes Really Need

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With climate change at the forefront of our minds, we know from conversations we have with our clients that homeowners are becoming more conscious of the energy efficiency choices they make.

The brunt of the problem for older flats and period family properties in Edinburgh sits with energy use and the management of it. With constant changing temperatures, the need for ongoing cooling and heating has increased. Add in the extra burn of fuel and energy consumption with reducing bills sitting at the heart of peoples wants and needs creates further challenges.

How Can Sash & Case Windows Direct Help?

With meeting eco- friendly standards front of mind, reviewing your windows should be a top priority. Well maintained sash & case windows help to reduce energy consumption and expenditure with improved control of ventilation. Simply, the more stable your home’s general temperature is going to be, the better for the climate and your pocket.

What Are Sash and Case Windows?

Sash and case windows, as shown in the picture above, are made up of two sliding sashes that move up and down. The sashes are counterbalanced using a traditional case or lead weights.

Historically, they hail from the traditional Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian era, with distinctive design and aesthetics. They are one of the more popular kinds of windows found in Edinburgh and across Scotland. They play an important part in our Scottish architectural heritage, but we also recognise that we need to move with the times as well.

Sample Eco Benefits for Sash & Case Windows

Low Maintenance

The solid hardwood (or softwood) materials used to construct these period windows are long-lasting, durable and adaptable to changing temperatures and weather. When well maintained, painted and checked there are lesser chances of rot. Simply put, regular maintenance saves on costs.

Heat Regulation

Well maintained sash and case windows mean lower heat loss thus reducing consumption of electricity and more savings for you and the environment. Additional glazing can also be installed to further improve efficiency.

Adaptable in All Weathers

Well-sealed windows with tight-fitting locks are highly effective at eliminating draughts that come about during sudden weather changes. Gusts of wind can easily seep through poorly maintained units and effect internal room temperatures and bills. Now is the time to check your windows for rot and air leaks and get them fixed before the winter months set in.

Improve Property Values

Finally, when you have beautifully maintained, repaired and painted sash and case windows in a period property, many buyers look for these elements to be in the best shape possible. With improved maintenance and eco-efficiency targets met, some home research reports state they can improve property values from between 1% to 3%.


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