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Guide to Renovating Your Sash & Case Windows

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If those quaint old sash and case windows are starting to look like they are ready for the scrapyard, read this from our master carpenter here at Sash & Case Windows Direct (based here in Edinburgh,) to see how you can salvage them!

Sometimes you don’t have to fully replace your sash and case windows. In fact, despite the extent of damage, there’s nothing the right knowledge and a few specialist tools of ours that can’t fix it.

Some botched window repairs we see turned out to be a “cool DIY project” by the previous owner and we don’t recommend it as a path worth choosing.

Always call in a professional to look at them first. Skilled carpenters and specialists with years of know-how can guide you on how to improve your already present windows!

Repairs depend on the extent of the damage. Is there decay? Are there any broken cords? Are the pulleys working? Is the glass cracked? Depending on your answer to these questions, your hired professional will be able to inspect all the relevant components and advise on either a repair or full replacement.

Old paint can even be removed using a heat gun or strong window only acid and of course, a sturdy pair of gloves.

A Step-By-Step Guide on Repairing Sash Windows

Despite the extensiveness of your sash window repair, the initial steps will remain the same.

1. Remove sashes from frames by detaching ropes.
2. Remove ropes and sash weights
3. Weigh sashes and sash weights to make sure they are correctly balanced
4. Scrape away loose putty and replace
5. Check sashes & window frames (case) for rotten timbers and repair as necessary
6. Replace ironmonger i.e. new pulley wheels etc.,
7. Re-rope sash and case window
8. Install draught stripping system
9. Refit sashes & window components
10. Rake out old sand mastic on the outside of the window frame and apply new sand mastic
11. Sand and prime the windows
12. Apply finishing coats of paint to windows
13. Job complete

If you enlist the help of professionals, this task can be completed within 2 to 3 working days.

Requirements for Glazing Windows

Many clients ask us to install new double-glazed windows into their old sashes. The issue that arises is that sash windows are not designed to take more than one pane of glass, so installing two panes could be problematic. However, it can be done, but we don’t usually recommend it.

When it comes to glazing, premature misting is a serious problem that can spoil the appearance. The glazing bars in old sash windows aren’t designed for sealed double glazed units – they’re just not deep enough!

Another way to use your old sash windows is to have custom made sashes made to fit into the original frame. Here at Sash & Case Windows Direct, we use new glazing technology and meticulous carpentry to retain your sash windows’ authenticity.

To find out more, please call us on 0131 510 6868 or pop in to see us at our office at 13–15 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EN, UK.


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