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Sash & Case Windows And Interior Design

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The windows of our homes are often something that is not thought of until breakage occurs. But, they can be a key component in the design of our homes and how you decide to style the interior of your home. Your windows should enhance the design of your home and this is achievable in a number of ways.

Seating Positions
The position of a sofa in a living room can be a troublesome problem to solve. Often facing the couch towards a wall can make you feel hemmed in and space feels smaller than it is. So, to escape the feeling of being trapped and that your space is constricted, it is best to face the sofa towards the window.

This position allows for a view of the outside world, gives the feeling of space and brightness that can help lift the mood in the room, especially in winter when the days are a lot darker. It might be that you change your sofa’s position in the room regularly, many people do, so this should be the next thing you try!

Colour Scheme

The colour of your rooms can have a big impact on the mood and atmosphere created. An all-black ensemble would create a dark, gothic, vibe for example. Most homes opt for a more cheery colour scheme and lighter, pastel colours which are great for not only making rooms brighter but also larger.

First, choose a colour from the cool end of the colour spectrum for maximum potential. Large pieces of furniture will appear smaller if they are the same colour as the walls; this is a particularly clever chameleon effect. Ceilings will appear taller if a lighter shade than the walls, whereas darker carpeting will seem to expand and give the appearance of more floor space.

Conversely, if you wish for a room to appear cosier a darker shade such as midnight blue or a deep red will emphasise the cosiness and warmth of the room.

Curtains or Blinds?

Sash windows are a key component of Edinburgh, typical of the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture that makes up the city. These lovely designs deserve a fabulous window treatment to give them the focus that they deserve, whether it is in your living room or bedroom. The question, of course, is obvious: curtains or blinds?

The fact is that these windows are perfect for trying out a number of styles. But, for rooms with more recessed windows, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and utility rooms, blinds are a perfect fit. For a bedroom or living room, a set of full curtains can finish a room with that extra touch of elegance. An understated style, in a uniform colour with a simple curtain pole, can be the perfect fit in any modern home and frame your sash windows in the elegance they deserve.

If you’ve started to create a new look for your home and require sash and case windows, either restoration or installation, to make the outside of your home look as good as the inside then we can help you. Here at Sash and Case Windows Direct, we have a dedicated team of joiners with extensive experience, eager to deliver you bespoke windows to suit your modern home.

For more information, you can contact us on 0131 510 6868 and our friendly team will be happy to help you with any enquiries.


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