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Benefits Of Investing In Double Glazed Sash And Case Windows

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If your property has single glazing sash and case windows, it is understandable that you may be apprehensive about having them replaced. However, if they are not really providing the sound or heat insulation you need and would like, it may be time to consider having them replaced with double glazing.

Here at Sash and Case Windows Direct, we have a skilled team of joiners that can replace your single glazed sash and case windows with double glazed alternatives without ruining the original look of your home. Below are some of the major benefits of double glazing.

Increased Comfort

As double glazing windows insulate heat much better than single glazing, it means that your home will not only be warmer during the colder months but more comfortable too. Having double glazing installed can be likened to having a bubble around your home though, as not only will you have a warmer property during winter, it will be cooler during the summer.

Peace And Quiet

Our modern world is a very noisy place and when you are home it is understandable that you want to relax, perhaps after a hard day’s work or at the weekend, without being disturbed by all the sound and irritating noise generated by the world outside your house. Double glazing windows can help eliminate these noises more than even brand new single glazing models can.

Lower Energy Bills

As the cost of electricity and gas continues to increase in this country, it can be a constant battle to keep those monthly payments down. Following on from the fact that double glazing is so great at insulating, it means that the heat you are paying from gas or electricity is actually kept in your house. So you aren’t paying for a lot of heat that you never actually benefit from because it is escaping out of your windows.

Improved Security

A large percentage of burglaries occur in homes where the thief can break and enter through a window or door. Older single glazing windows do not pose much of a deterrent to criminals who might be looking to steal your possessions and valuables. In comparison though, newer double glazed windows feature modern multi-lock hardware that can increase the level of security your home has at the points where access is easier.

Lowers Condensation

Condensation occurs when moist air meets a cold surface. For example – when the mirror in your bathroom fogs up while you are in the shower. Many homes though have a serious problem with condensation and not just in bathrooms. If you have thin windows, you will probably know how bad this issue can be. When your thin windows start to cool and the moist, warm air from the inside meets with the surface, it causes condensation.

Condensation creates moisture and one thing you don’t need is moisture that can damage the window frames or can drip onto the floor and anything sitting directly below your windows. This issue of condensation and moisture has been known to damage electrical appliances and other equipment.

Furthermore, increased levels of moisture creates the perfect place for mould to breed and then spread round your windows. With double glazed windows however, there is virtually no problem with condensation.

Increases Your Property’s Value

Along with the benefits above and because of them, having double glazing installed can increase your property’s value. So not only will you be saving money and have a more comfortable home, but you could also make some extra money when it comes to selling your home.


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