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4 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

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Have you taken time recently to look closely at your sash and case windows? Although they may look okay when you look at them in passing, it is worth remembering that if windows seem to be in good condition, it is not just connected to how they look. As windows are part of your home’s protective barrier from the elements, they can have a big impact on the standard of living you have.

There are a number of signs you can look for though that indicate that all might not be right with your timber-constructed sash and casement windows. If you notice any of these, then it is time to consider replacing them.

Draughts Are Commonplace

While you might notice them at first, small draughts cause problems with your property’s heat retention abilities. Eventually, it will start to have a noticeable effect on your monthly premiums on heating and can leave your home feeling unwelcoming and cold – especially during winter.

Interior Condensation

One big and loud sign that your windows are suffering from damage and in need of repair or need to be replaced is condensation on the inside. When the sealing around your window is not working properly, the inside of your home starts getting exposed to the weather conditions on the outside. The difference in temperature between the inside and outside causes condensation.

When condensation is not appropriately dealt with, it leads to bigger problems like dampness and the growth and spreading of mould.

Decor On The Interior Is Discoloured

If you have spotted that parts of your furniture, walls, carpets and curtains are faded, it could be that your windows are in trouble. Does your property have inexpensive double glazing or even just single glazing? If the answer is yes, this could be the problem as it doesn’t provide enough protection against UV light. This means that the sun’s rays and the UV contained inside them penetrate through your windows and cause damage to the decor and furnishings in your home.

Although this is a costly enough problem, it is actually the sign of an even bigger issue – if the heat can easily enter your home and damage items, then heat can easily escape the same way it came in. Therefore if you want to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable home, while saving money on your bills, you should consider replacing your sash and casement windows.

More Expensive Bills

It has been touched on but it is worth highlighting again, if you have noticed that you are paying more for your monthly premiums on utilities such as gas and electricity, it could be because your windows are faulty and not retaining the heat as well as they should.

If this or any of the other signs noted in this blog post sound familiar to you then it is definitely time to start planning on replacing your windows with brand new double glazed sash and case windows. As well as solving the above problems, it can also, if you choose the right firm and spend wisely, increase the value of your property.


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