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How To Stop Draughts From Your Windows

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Draughts are very inconvenient and costly, especially if they’re not caught in their early stages. The most common places for draughts in your windows are in gaps between the window and the frame, as windows tend to degrade with age.

Older, original windows can be the heart and soul of a house, so you want to make sure they are well-kept to preserve their beauty.  Draught-proofing is a necessary process to help you conserve energy, and to prevent water from damaging the inside of your house.

How Do You Know If There Is a Draught?

Identifying if you have a draught due to a faulty window is easy; simply light a candle and slowly go over the edges of the window with the flame close to them. If your candle flickers at any point, then you have identified a gap in your casing. You can also identify possible draught areas in older windows if they don’t fit properly against the frame when they’re closed.

What Type of Window Do You Have?

Knowing what type of window you have is simple and important in draught-proofing them. Do you have windows that open, or do you have sash and case windows? If you want to draught-proof the former, a compression seal is perfect. Not only do they look professional, but they also prevent dust and moisture from seeping into your home.

For sash and case windows, brush strips are your best bet. They are more commonly used in draught-proofing doors, but for larger windows, it can be a great, albeit temporary solution.

The Importance of Draught-Proofing Your Home

Controlled ventilation in your home is effective to help combat damp and condensation, but draughts are uncontrolled. If your window has gaps anywhere, it will lose heat through them and it will result in you spending more money to heat your home.

These can be temporary measures and, if not done by experts, very costly if you need to keep patching your windows. Here at Sash & Case Windows Direct we offer window restoration services to make sure that your home is safe and professionally fitted against draughts.

Our highly skilled team of experts has extensive knowledge in sash and case window restoration. Contact us on 0131 510 6868 to speak to our friendly team, and to get a consultation on how to draught-proof your home.

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