After a local crime was committed in Edinburgh to a youth centre we have a personal connection to, we decided to step in to offer cash and some craftsmanship support.

The Fetlor Youth Club, founded in 1924, helps disadvantaged youth across the North of Edinburgh. The centre was broken into and over £2,000 plus important club equipment was taken from the premises.

Danny McGuinness, owner of our sister company B&M Joiners & Building Services and an ex Fetlor member saw a Facebook post which announced the news that the club had been broken into. Simply, we wanted to reach out and help. We contacted the management at Fetlor to see if there was anything that could be done.

Danny commented, “ Although I attended Fetlor as a youngster, we used to do small joinery jobs in the old building before it was demolished”. “We always felt that Fetlor supported us and hearing the sad news around the break-in, we felt it was time to give something back”.

Fetlor does an awful lot of good for the local youth community by taking kids off the street and giving them an interest and a focus in life. Fetlor did it for us it is something we will forever be grateful for.

Once the news hit social media, Danny told the Edinburgh team and we approached the club to offer help with repairs and restoration of the damaged centre.

We also contributed a cash gift of £500 to the club and we hope this support will help the Club to continue to deliver the amazing support services for their youth membership.

A good to know fact is that Fetlors ambition is to work with over 1,000 young people in North of Edinburgh each year moving forward.

You can find out further information on Fetlor on their website just here:

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