Time To Think Stylish

Period homes are increasingly being remodelled inside to let in more light. Of course, having natural light in any house is extremely beneficial. Quite simply, it makes us happy, energetic and regulates our sleep cycles.

Therefore, this is why most people are also revisiting their sash and case windows to improve the overall look of their home. However, this post puts a focus on dressing and framing your beautiful Edinburgh windows.

Here are 6 creative ways to dress your beautiful windows.

1. Delicate Voile Curtains
Voile curtains are thin, delicate, and stylish. Since it’s a translucent material, voile complements many window styles and allow ample sunshine through to brighten up the darkest corners of any room.

2. Beautify Frames with Roman Blinds
Roman blinds offer an aesthetic fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. They can be printed with vibrant patterns, colours, and effects to complement your interior. Above all, they’re perfect for dressing up larger windows in an elegant way. You can experiment with blooming florals, checked patterns, and could even go for tropical palm fronds for a nice effect.

3. Cool and Calm Pleated Blinds
Pleated blinds are naturally stylish, sophisticated, and soften up the light that enters your living space. Pleated blinds are super easy to fit and can be tailor-made for most window sizes.

4. Dramatic Venetian Blinds
It’s time to re-think what Venetian blinds can do for your house. Classic and luxurious, they immediately give off a dramatic effect to your living space. These blinds are durable, hardy, and practical for small and large homes. Venetian blinds particularly complement dark backdrops like charcoal, navy blue, or dark purple walls.

5. Well-crafted Shutters
If you have your eyes on your next-door neighbour’s beautiful inside window shutters, it’s time to get some of your own. Internal shutters are attractive, practical, functional and control light pollution with ease.
They’re perfect for enhancing the sales appeal of your house while allowing you to control with accuracy how much light comes in. If you’re a private person who likes to work under soft natural light, you should definitely invest in a wide range of designed shutters!

6. Impressive Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains
Lastly, if you like to keep things traditional and grand, then floor-to-ceiling curtains are what you need. If the window frames are too tall and awkward to dress, covering them up with striking floor-to-ceiling curtains can give your interior a beautifully imposing look.
However, these curtains are more bedroom-appropriate where you might not always want to let light in. Floor to ceiling curtains wonderfully drape down from the walls for a special, elegant effect.

We hope this quick guide to dressing your windows has been useful. If you need any advice, insights or direct work carried out on your sash and case windows in the Edinburgh area, please give us a call on 0131 510 6868

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