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3 Tips For Maintaining Your Sash Windows

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Sash windows have been part of the UK’s architectural history for centuries.

They have two timber frame components, the sashes that slide up and down their surrounding case’s channels due to a pulley system.
If you own an older house, it’s possible that your windows are all sash and you will understandably want to keep your home’s beauty by maintaining the windows, either by restoring them or by preserving them.


To keep the original architecture from deteriorating, your sash windows need to be cleaned regularly. Their surfaces will keep looking their best for longer, and it will ensure that your window works correctly.

Keep in mind your safety, especially when dealing with tall windows! Giving them a scrub down should be done carefully, to make sure no damage comes to the frame or to you. A clean window that functions properly lasts longer; the mechanisms won’t need to be working harder than necessary and are less likely to get stuck.


Your lovely, decorated home will benefit from freshly painted windows, keeping close to its original look or to how you decorated your home. Flaked paint will expose the wood beneath, making your window more vulnerable.

Layers of paint on windows serve as a historical record of decoration and design, so stripping your window bare in its entirety may remove a significant part of its own history. Leaving a small area of original paint, if stripping must be done, will help preserve it.

Stripping might also cause damage to the wood case or to the glass of the windows, or be done to the wrong part of the window, so we recommend the help of experts so that your window can be safely stripped and repainted.


Restoration is sometimes the only answer to window maintenance. Making sure it’s repaired properly will diminish future costs and will keep your window intact for years to come. Hiring professionals is your best bet for a job well done.

At Sash and Case Windows Direct we pride ourselves in our restoration expertise, and on maintaining prized traditional Scottish architecture.

Whether you need to restore one window or multiple, our highly skilled workers will provide you with a consultation on how to get the job done. If you have any beautiful sash and case windows to be restored, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0131 510 6868 and our friendly team will happily help you.

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